What can I do to make my contest more appealing?

What can I do to make my contest more appealing?

It is important to follow some guidelines in order to obtain a larger number of participants to the contest. 

First, it is essential for your idea to be conveyed with clarity, so keep your sentences and description short and simple. We also recommend you to write your description in English. This will allow a larger number of designers to be able to view and participate to your contest.

Finally add as many pictures as possible. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words, so take them and upload lots of pictures of both the current state of the property/space as well as pictures of how you want your property/space to look like afterwards. Furthermore, upload a vector floor plan (.dwg or .dxf) this will facilitate our designers with their work.

N.B. It is extremely important to answer the designers’ questions in a short time span (max 24h) in order to allow the normal project execution.

If you need more advice, please contact our staff to the email support@gopillar.com :)

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