How to evaluate the projects received

Once the deadline of your Contest has expired, you will be finally able to see the received projects and start the evaluation phase. Each client has 30 days at his disposal to evaluate the received projects and choose the winner designers starting from the moment the deadline has expired.

This is the funniest moment in your whole Contest experience: you can finally see which solutions designers have found for your needs! Once your Contest meets the deadline you will receive an email notification which tells you to go and see your project. You can use the link you find in the email notification to go directly on the website, there you just have to log in and push the green “EVALUATE” button that you can now find in your homepage. 

Evaluate Project 1

As you can see in the image above your Contest dashboard has slightly changed since the Contest has ended. There are two major changes. First, now you can see the final number of projects delivered - in the right-side circle. And in the other circle - the one to the left - you can see the countdown of days left to close the evaluation phase.

The next screen you will see - once you’ve clicked on the evaluation button - is the evaluation page. Here you can find as many little squares as the received projects are. Each one of the squares represents a project and each one has a cover image which is the first plan that the designer has uploaded. You will notice that only the first of the squares is colored while the other ones are faded. This is because initially you can only see the first of the project received. In fact, you should evaluate all the project in order, starting with the first project and ending with the last. In this way we don’t have to worry that you leave behind one of the projects. So, to see the next project you should give a temporary vote to the previous one. Bear in mind that votes are indeed temporary at this stage and you will be able to come back later and modify them through all the evaluation phase.  

If you need any support or you have questions during the evaluation phase, please don't hesitate to contact our staff through the Live Chat that you find to the bottom of the page. They will be glad to help you!

Evaluate Project 2You can see in the image above that each Contest is linked to a number (e.g. the first project has #145 on it), this number represents the application number of each designer. This is the number that you also saw linked to the same designer in the Q&A section while the Contest was open - if he has at some time participated in the discussion.  You won’t see the designers’ names at this point. In fact, the evaluation phase is still anonymous and you will see all the names of the participants at the end of this phase together with the contacts of the 5 winners.

To start the evaluation, you just have to open the first project - the colored one. Once you’re in the first project’s page, you will be able not only to see but also to download all the material uploaded. Through our interface you will be able to open, zoom and rotate all the files. To move on to the next project you should give a temporary vote to the current project using the 5 bars that you find on the top of the screen (see picture).

You will be asked to evaluate 5 different characteristics for each project using a scale from 1 to 10:

  • FIRST IMPRESSION: give a vote based entirely on your instinct, did the project strike you at first glance compared to your expectations?
  • ALIGNMENT TO THE BRIEF: give a vote to the ability of the designer to correctly understand the needs and tastes that you stated in the Contest’s description and through the Q&A section.
  • QUALITY: evaluate the average quality of the tables delivered, of their layout and pleasantness. In particular, put your focus on the 3d renders - if you’ve purchased some - and in general on the interior design tables which are less technical and where the appearance is essential.
  • INNOVATION: did the designer struck you adding new and positive features which you didn’t think of before?
  • VIABILITY: here lies the technical evaluation of the material delivered. In particular, consider if the project is feasible with regard to your budget and timing. Also, take in consideration the local building regulation.

Evaluate Project 3

The final vote is the average of the 5 votes you gave to these 5 parameters. Make sure your evaluations are not too harsh even if you have some doubts about a project or if it isn’t thorough enough compared to the others. Bear in mind that most of the designers have worked for free (or nearly) :)

Another thing to bear in your mind is that votes are not conclusive at this stage, you have the possibility to change them as many times as you want during the 30 days evaluation period! So, our advice is: give a first round of votes very quickly just to list your first impression about projects, then - when the projects will be already organized by your first rankings - go back to the start and give a more thorough examination at your leisure.

Anyway, you don’t have to rush, you have 30 days’ time! Just be sure to finish in time. If you want, you could also download and print out the projects to comfortably evaluate and compare them. You will also be able to download each project in a single .zip file using the dedicated button “DOWNLOAD RESOURCES”.

During the evaluation, please be sure that the first 6 designers have DIFFERENT votes so that it will be possible to assign the 5 prizes. The difference could also be a decimal point, the important thing is that there should not be two equal votes in the first six. When you’re finished a green button (“CONFIRM WINNERS”) will automatically appear on the top of the page. When you click on it, the Contest is finally over, and the prizes will be assigned. So be sure to click this button when you are certain of your votes because there’s no going back!

Evaluate Project 4

Now you finally will see the names of the designers and the contacts of the winner designers. Also, you will have the technical plans (.dwg or .dxf) of the five ranked projects. Obviously, you have no obligation towards them at this point. Anyway, If you want you can contact anyone of them outside the platform for feedbacks or to continue working together. 

Evaluate Project 5

Now the only thing left to be done is to leave us a feedback on our service. Let us know if you are satisfied with the project and the support received and above all give us your suggestions to further improve the platform :)

Sadly, now your Contest is over but if you are satisfied with our revolutionary architectural and interior design marketplace, be sure to spread the news with all your friends about this new way to design your spaces!

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