How to launch your Contest

Once you’ve logged in as a “client”, you will land on your account dashboard. To start a new Contest, just click on the green button you find on the top right of the page: “LAUNCH A NEW CONTEST”.

Launch Contest 1

If you’re signing up for the first time you will skip the previous step and be immediately redirect on the launch a new contest page.

Compiling this short form is extremely easy and you will be lead through it step by step by our software.

First things first. You will start by giving some general details about the space you’re about to build/design. The first question you will be asked is what kind of space it is (RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL - OUTDOORS). Let’s take the example of a studio apartment to be renovated. First, we choose the “residential” type. Then we will be asked in what category falls our space among all the possible residential categories: in this case the right choice is “apartment”.

Launch Contest 2

You may notice that our platform hosts Contest for all sort of spaces: apartments, villas as well as offices, restaurants and retail shops but also single rooms and portions of buildings.

Now it’s time to announce the dimensions of the space. You will be given 4 options - small, medium, large, x-large - each one of them including the relative sqm/sqf to be taken in consideration. Bear in mind that you don’t have to know the exact square footage of the room. A good estimate is enough at this stage.

The next step is to specify the city or town in which the building is located; you won’t need to give away the whole address.

Then you will be asked to give a TITLE to the competition. You can write any creative title your mind comes up with. It will identify your Contest among the dozens other ones available on the platform so the more personal it is, the better!

Whichever language you speak, please write down the title in English so that you can attract an international community and no one of our thousands of designers worldwide will be left out. 

Launch Contest 3

After the title, move on to the description field. It is a free text field where you can write down any detail, request or taste indication you want. There is not too short a description nor too long. My point is there are multiple ways to do it: just be sure of writing down all the information you would have told a flesh-and-blood designer.

Bear in mind that the description is not final at this stage: you will be able to come back and edit it later the days following the launch of the Contest. Anyway, if you need support while you’re compiling the description or any other part of this form, please use the live chat you find in the bottom right corner of the page - see photo below. Our operators will be happy to answer your doubts promptly!

Launch Contest 4

Now the time has come to upload the hard data! First of all, you need a blue print with at least one measure. Then you could also upload some photos of the current situation of the space. Talking about the blue print, any format is good to start: you can upload a pdf, a scan or a photo of the hardcopy you have or to the best of possibilities a dwg/dxf file. If it is a new construction that you need to be designed, then you will simply upload a blue print of the plot of land or the google maps coordinates.

If you don’t have a blue print at your disposal, don’t worry! Here an article which explains where to find one or how to draw a reliable version by your own using some suggested tools: How to get a blue print of your space.

Let’s move on to the photos. You can easily take some pictures with your cell phone, you don’t need to be a professional! The main point here is to try and record the whole space you need to renovate so that designers get a full understanding of the space composition.

You may also upload some reference pictures, in other words pictures that explain what are your interior design and architectural tastes & preferences.

It is very easy to upload all these files through our interface. If you click on the “+” button a pop-up will automatically show up. Here you will be able to drag & drop your files or choose them from your PC, to directly take pictures with the camera of your phone, or to search the internet for reference images through the “web images” button - see picture below. 

Launch Contest 5

Once you’ve uploaded all the files you currently have - bear in mind that you will be able to modify them or add new files or description later - it is time to choose a deadline for your Contest. The deadline is the time that you give designers to deliver their proposals. 

You can set a deadline from a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 120. Bear in mind this general advice: the more the time you give architects to design, the more - and the better - the projects you receive. Besides, the number of days you choose does not affect the cost of the Contest, so go as far as you can get!

Launch Contest 6

At this point, there is only one thing left: choose your design package and launch the Contest! The followings are the very final steps of this tutorial. Let’s have a closer look to the design packages at your disposal: this choice is important because it will define the final cost of the Contest.

As you can see in the picture below, you will start from a basic prize based on the type and size of space that you’ve selected at the very beginning. The basic package includes a quoted floor plan, a furnished floor plan and a project description for each of the proposals that you receive at the end of the Contest.

However I am pretty sure that you’re looking for a more detailed project: don’t worry you can tailor your design package to your very needs! Thanks to our intuitive modular interface you will be able to add to the basic package all the extra design tables you need or like. Let’s make some examples. If you are just interested in the interior design, you can ask for a furniture shopping list, a lighting scheme, a flooring & materials list, a color scheme or all the previous together! You can also choose to have all the projects in 3d adding some 3d render views. Otherwise let's assume that you need something more architectural - strictly speaking -, in this case you can select some technical tables such as the demolition & reconstruction plan, the wiring plan or the water/sanitation plan. As I said before, consider that each one of the projects you receive will include each one of the tables you asked for at this stage.

The price you pay will obviously vary according to the number and type of resources you’ve selected. As you can see in the image, you will be able to constantly monitor the price in the right part of the screen. In this way you can adjust and refine the package until you find the perfect combination for your needs and budget!

Launch Contest 7

Now your Contest is ready to go public and be seen to our large community of about 55.000 international designers!

To maximise your Contest attractiveness, you have also the possibility to raise the prize from the minimum; you can find this option on the prize page. Warning: bear in mind that the minimum prize that you find in the prize page is already included in the total price you’ve established in the previous packages page. It is unnecessary to point out that raising the prize will attract even more participants to your Contest therefore you will receive above average results! Last but not least you can enjoy our extra - and optional - services such as the English translation of the description or the transformation of your pdf plan in a professional .dwg one.

When only the payment is left you can still choose between two possibilities: PayPal or credit card

Then specify your personal data which the receipt will be addressed to, and you’ve got it! 

Launch Contest 8

Now your Contest is online, and thousands of professionals will see it. At this point you’ll just have to wait and see the dozens of projects based on your needs and tastes they’ll deliver.

If you need more information or support please don’t hesitate to ask to the GoPillar Team through the website live chat, this support page or all the other available channels.

Have a great Contest! 

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