The deadline of the contest is shown as a countdown on the top right.


The deadline may be postponed by the customer within two days of the end of the contest. The designers can ask the client in the Q & A chat to postpone the deadline , but the decision to postpone the deadline and for how many days is reserved for the customer.


Go to the page of the contest. Scroll down the page and click on “UPLOAD YOUR APPLICATION” to upload your files.

upload your application

Public resources are the documents that are require in each package. These files are visible to everyone.

Ex. Floor Plan, furniture scheme, finishing scheme, etc.

In Hidden Resources upload the high quality floor plan that contains each room’s name and surface, indications of 2 measurements for each room, furniture numbers, and angles of the renders. The file format can be either PDF or DWG and it will be visible to the client only in case you win the contest.

Insert the description of the project in the description box.


Once you have uploaded the files, verify that they can be viewed properly, both in the preview mode and in full screen. If you cannot see one or more images there may have been an error in uploading the file.
In order to solve the problem in your CONTROL PANEL, go to CONTEST WHICH ARE PARTICIPATING IN and click on SUBMISSION to modify the files. You can delete the wrong resource and load the new file.

If you are having problems, please contact the customer service.