Creating a Mood Board is very easy. It can be an alternative to a render, in order to create a quick and clear vision of the combination of furnitures, finishings and complements for the desired look.

After downloading the images that you have chosen, the process is more or less the same for all images.

The images you choose must have a white background to facilitate the isolation of the object.

Furnitures must be placed in the scene in order to create a 3 dimensional impression.  For the moodboard we can have a central perspective (one vanishing point) so all parallel lines should vanish to one imaginary point in the horizon, at the level of eye sight.

Use Select tool (magic wand, magnetic lasso…) or Pen tool to isolate the object.

Use Edit commands (scale, flip, distort…) to give the right position and perspective in order to  create the 3 dimensional impression.

You can add a text on one side to describe the furniture and the MoodBoard is ready!