Software’s licenses are a great expense for a professional and those who don’t have one, may incur in serious sanctions.

CAD ( Computer Aided Design) software are the main tool for architects and designers and the trend to opensource of recent years has led to a considerable number of free software that simulate the most popular tools for architects.

NanoCAD is a free software very similar to Autocad for interface and commands, very easy to use and download.

Click on View –> Toolbar to activate all toolbars


The principal command are divided into two cathegories: Draw and Modify .  Once a command is selected , the software communicates  with user through Command line, with suggestions on steps to follow; moreover, if you wish to, is possible to type commands directly from keyboard on the command line.


To customize keyboard shortcut click on Tools, Customize, Interface8

From this window you can select commands and assign customized keyboard shortcuts.


To set units click on Format, Units



From the bottom toolbar you can activate ORTHO and SNAP, that help us to draw with maximun accuracy. Right click on  OSNAP to select the snap you wish to activate.


Click on Layer button to manage layers: as in Autocad you can add layers and assign color, line weight, line type, plot visibility etc..


To attach a file click on Insert, Image from file (Note:  Only .jpg are supported so if you have a .pdf convert it to .jpg)


From Layout insert a viewport to plot your drawing: View–> Viewport


As any other skill, practice makes perfect!