Cocontest is a web-based platform that connects customers with designers from all over the world to realize many design competitions of different sizes and typology. Use BROWSE CONTESTS to  view all contest sorted by deadline. (Days, months and hours left to the end of the contest.)

In each contest you can find: the icon for the category, the total amount of the prizes and the package type.

There are three types of packages that differ in the development of the project: Concept, Project and Advanced. Each of these categories contains specified documents on our home page.

The category quickly describes the object of the contest.


Each package in each category has a specific cost for the customer, on which is based the total amount of prizes for the designers.

The prize you see on BROWSE CONTESTS page is the sum of the prizes for the first three classified designers. Click on the contest to see the details of single prizes for each designer and more information.

Click on APPLY NOW to participate at a contest. Click on SUBMIT NOW if you have already participated in a contest for which you are uploading a project. These two options are also available from the contest’s page.