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The contests are ordered by deadline. As you can see in the preview bellow, each contest shows the countdown to deadline, the type of package and the category.


By clicking on a contest you can view additional information such as:

  • the amount of single prizes

Here you can see the the prize for each of the three winners in detail, which is respectively 70%, 20% and 10% of the total prize for the first, second and third ranking designer.

We guarantee the prize for all winners regardless of the number of participants in each contest.

  • Client’s Description

This section contains the description of the current condition of the property and what the client requires in the project.

  • Pictures

These are images of the current condition of the property.


  • Picture References

These images show the style and mood that the client is looking for in the project. The designers should get inspiration from these images for their projects.

  • Plan and images of the current condition

Here you can find the floor plan of the current condition of the property in JPG, PDF or DWG format.

  • Description of the package requirements

Here you can find a list of the files/images that the client has ordered at the moment of the purchase of a package.


Once you have chosen the contest in which you want to participate in, follow these steps to start your project.


Click on APPLY NOW FOR THIS CONTEST.  Applying for a contest gives you access to the Question and Answer chat where you can communicate with the client. Applying  does not pose any constraint any obligation for the designer but allows you to be informed about the contest.


Download the files provided by the client and Cocontest Template to start your project.

The size of the files to upload on the Submission is 3500 x 1918 px, 16:9 ratio. CoContest  files have the correct settings for the best quality on both screen and print .

Our template contains:

  • CAD model CTB: for printing styles of the Cad file
  • Imperial CAD model: DWG file in inch
  • Metric CAD model: DWG file in mm

Six PSD templates for the layouts of the required files in different packages.

  • Floor Plan
  • Furniture Scheme
  • Finishing Scheme
  • Sections Scheme
  • Lighting Scheme
  • Demolitions Scheme

Click on Download CoContest Templates V.1.1. to download the files. Use them according to our instructions.


Question & Answer You can access the Question & Answer section becomes when you apply for a contest. Use it to ask information and clarify any doubts about the condition and the requirements of the projects.

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Mail notification When you apply for a contest you receive notifications via email to keep you updated on any variation of basic information such as new file upload, description, deadline etc. and new messages on Q&A.


Go to your Dashboard to easily find your pending contests. On this page you can view the previous contests for which you have submitted a project. You can also check out your transactions on Withdrawal.