Are you planning to renovate your home but you don’t have a floor plan? Download Magic Plan,  a free application for iOS and Android on your smartphone or tablet, and draw the plan of your home in few minutes.

With this application you can draw the floor plan of one or more room. Simply  take pictures of the corner of the room (even if the room is furnished). Magic Plan can identify the corners by aligning the dashed lines to the walls. In its last version, Magic Plan 4.0 can also point at the correspondant corner on the ceiling and project it on the ground.

The first time you access, Magic Plan guides you through the process of calibration for more accurate survey. The pop-ups that guide you during the process of surveying and inserting doors and windows, make this application very user-friendly. Use Edit command to modify the floor plan; you can insert the measure of a wall to check that the floor plan is correct. With Magic Plan you can insert furniture and stairs, set geo-localization and export to pdf and jpg.

Introduction of Magic Plan 4.0

How to capture a Room