Blender for Architecture – Modeling Walls

Our focus will be on architectural use of the software, so let’s see main commands for walls modeling starting from a floor plan.

Go to File –>  User Preferences…–> Add ons to add the possibility to import  .dxf files


Go to Add ons and use the seach box to research the command, check the add on Import AutoCAD DXF format, click on Save User Settingsand close the window.


Now go to File –> Import –> AutoCAD DXF


Blender uses blender unit as measurement unit; It is possible to change this default setting at window Properties–> Scene–> Units, here we can select Metric or Imperial if we are working with meters or feet.


Verify unit scale and click on import .dxf


Press B key and left click for rectangular selection.

Edit–>Join to join the selected elements. Change the coordinates by clicking inside the boxes to modify the location of the selected object. We set Z=0.


Rotate (R) the section to vertical plan.


We do the same with floor plan: B key for rectangular selection, Join to join elements.


We move the plan to Z=0 by changing Z value in the location boxes.


View–> Top


Press SHIFT A to open add window, then Mesh–> Plane


Activate the SNAP by clicking on magnet button, select Vertex and Closest to identify vextex as snaps.


Switch to Edit Mode with TAB,  press G (Grab) to move the object and right click to release the object on the intercepted vertex.


From bottom bar we can activate the selection of vertex, edges or faces. In this session activate edges selection.


Right click on the edge to select it, press GX to move the element on X axis.


I move the other edge on Y axis by typing GY.


Select one edge of the plane and type EY to extrude along Y axis until corner, windows or door is intercepted.


Continue until floor plan is completed


Press EZ to extrude along Z axis, intercept the snap of the section to reach the correct height.


Press CTRL R to place a line to subdivide, right click to release the line in the desired position.


Activate face selection from bottom bar. Right click to select faces, press SHIFT to add faces to selection.


Press E to extrude those faces and realize door and window.