[Tutorial] Save & Upload your file with Photoshop (update)

The file dimension is 3500 x 1918 px and is already set in the template. Once your drawings are complete follow these steps to save the file: File –> Export –> Save for Web On the next window select JPEG format and High quality.  

[Tutorial] How to Use CAD Template

Select the appropriate file according to the unit you’d like to work in: Sample – mm or Sample – inch In the space “Model” you can find three magenta frames 1:50, 1: 100, 1: 200; Choose the most appropriate representation scale depending on the size of the plant. For example, if your are doing a restyling […]

[Tutorial] How to Use CoContest Templates

Photoshop Templates are useful to create the layout of the tables that are required in the different packages Concept, Project and Advanced. The sheet size is 16: 9 for an optimal view on screen. Remember that inserting names, logos and contacts of the designer or a company is strictly forbidden because the projects are supposed to be anonymous. All […]

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