Automate Actions On Photoshop

It can be usefull to create automate actions if we have to do the same operation on several files. This could take a lot of time but with Actions we can record our actions and apply them to the files we need to modify.We open the first file, we go on Window –> Actions to […]

[Tutorial] Free Software – Blender Basics

 Blender Blender is free and open source software of 3D graphic for modeling, rendering and compositing applicable in different fields: from architectural modeling to videoanimation. The authors of the software permit studying and developing the software to enhance its features, so there are several add-ons scripted by a large and active community of software developpers […]

[Tutorial] Free software – Blender for Architecture

Blender for Architecture – Modeling Walls Our focus will be on architectural use of the software, so let’s see main commands for walls modeling starting from a floor plan. Go to File –>  User Preferences…–> Add ons to add the possibility to import  .dxf files   Go to Add ons and use the seach box to research the command, check […]

Post editing on Photoshop

Drag the file you have exported from Autocad on a photoshop artboard 3500px x 1918px.   Duplicate the layer and fill the sectioned walls with black paint bucket tool.   Drag the image of a texture for the internal walls of the building. Select empty spaces of the section through Magic Wand tool, right click on the texture […]

Residential Standards In Italy

We often run into regulations that govern our profession in other countries; This can happen during work experience abroad and also with customers online, where there’s demand for new business and we can work from home. In the European Union alone, there are many different laws that conduct the design. Although Eurocodes have introduced common […]

[Tutorial] Free Software – NanoCAD

Software’s licenses are a great expense for a professional and those who don’t have one, may incur in serious sanctions. CAD ( Computer Aided Design) software are the main tool for architects and designers and the trend to opensource of recent years has led to a considerable number of free software that simulate the most popular tools for […]

[Tutorial] How To Create A MoodBoard

  Creating a Mood Board is very easy. It can be an alternative to a render, in order to create a quick and clear vision of the combination of furnitures, finishings and complements for the desired look. After downloading the images that you have chosen, the process is more or less the same for all images. The images […]

Download CoContest Templates V. 1.2

Use CoContest Template to speed up your work and obtain better results. Template PSD Photoshop templates have 16:9 ratio to optimize and fill up space on the computer screen. The file size is 3500x1918px , size specially designed for lighter file but perfectly visible online. (see the tutorial on saving files) It ‘important to pay attention […]

[Tutorial] How to use Autodesk HomeStyler to create 3D Images

Homestyler is a free web software Autodesk that you can use to easily realize furnished plan and render of interior design. Visit the web-site and click Join Now to discover all the functions of the software. Click Launch Floorplanner Click Create New Design to start a new project Go to Settings–> General Settings on the right side of the screen to set […]

Download CoContest Templates V. 1.1

Below the official COCONTEST template. They have been designed to speed up the work and get better results. Template PSD The final template have a 16: 9 landscape to fill the screen evenly and optimize space. The file size is 3500x1918px, size specifically designed for lightweight file but perfectly visible online. (See tutorial on saving […]

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